Cervix, say "Cheese!"


The private parts have obviously outlived their status as "objects of interest". Armed with speculum, camera and flashlight, a small number of activists are now penetrating into the deeper realms of femininity. Introducing: "The Beautiful Cervix Project ".

The unobstructed view of the cervix has long been considered the sanctum of gynaecology. Well, every now and then spectacular public appearances of these area of the organ have taken place; let's recall for instance Annie Sprinkle. But even the porn industry, which otherwise happily films every aspect of human private parts without unnecessary feelings of shame, only rarely brings forward the cervix.

With high probability, the reason is that the sight of the cervix is not genetically set up as a key sexual stimulus. This would also be a very unusual thing – ultimately, the cervix can be difficult to make out without light and suitable aids, even for those who are interested.

This cumbersome situation is now being effectively broken down. As the initiators of "The Beautiful Cervix Project" explain: "This project exists because of the curious and bold women who have volunteered their own cervices to top photographers and submit the images to the project for the education of the general public. We are all so grateful to you!"

For $ 19.95 a woman can order the assay kit, with the "Love thy Cervix" flashlight and a hand mirror included. The latter is even available in red or magenta. Just how one goes about producing these selfies for the advanced is something able to be viewed on Youtube (no nudity).

The result is numerous image series on the changing life of the cervix; such completeness in itself is even rarely to be found in gyno books. I'm curious to see whether the ENT physicians now follow with "The Beautiful Tonsil Project". ;-)


Cervix-"Selfie" © The Beautiful Cervix Project

Article last time updated on 04.03.2014.

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