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You might have heard about obesity and most probably you have seen one, Right? Have you ever wondered what they go through? Do you even know that it is not only physical but psychological problem? Do you know that obese people keep themselves in isolation because of their appearance?

In the blog I will tell all about obesity, its symptoms and the possible treatments that are used for this severe medical issue.  

What is Obesity:

So first things first. What is obesity?

Obesity is defined as the abnormal accumulation of fats in the body that pose serious threats to the health. The term is mostly coupled with overweight, and both are main causes of so many other chronic diseases like heart attack and diabetic to name a few.

While writing about obesity many bloggers argue that a) it doesn't happen overnight and b) adopting a healthy lifestyle is also useless when it is too late.  

Common Notions Related to Obesity:

Ok, so now that you know what obesity is and how dangerous it can be, lets now look in to the common notion that is related to obesity. Generally, it is believed that obesity is a result of over-eating. Food is accumulated inside the body, and hence one becomes over-weight or obese, although it is true but the situation also varies.

Studies reported that genetics also play a major role in obesity. Until now different genes have been identified which play a major role in blocking the adipose tissues resulting in obesity. So while looking at other factors, the family lineage should also be kept in mind because most of the kids who are obese also have obese parents.  

So next time when you see a fat person don’t judge his eating habits it may be in his genes.


Just like other diseases obesity also have different symptoms. As mentioned earlier, obesity has both physical and psychological effects, therefore, the symptoms are also diverse. Below are some of the symptoms of obesity. Breathlessness
Isolation feels
Joint and back pain
Incapability to cope up with daily activities.
Confidence and low self-esteem

Prevention is Better than Cure:

This is a very famous old saying that prevention is better than cure. But who knew this saying will be an effective strategy while dealing with obesity. It is a fact that obesity is prevalent and not easy to cure therefore prevention is very important while dealing with obesity. Prevention means that control your food cravings and only eat according to your nutritional needs, exercise on a daily basis and check weight regularly.

According to new research, obese people should eat less food with high energy density and more food with less energy density.

Eating fruits and vegetables are proved to be quite helpful while dealing with obesity because they are filling and at the same time they have less energy density.

Treatment for Obesity:

With the advancement in technology, you might have noticed that we are now dependents on our laptops and cell phones. That means less physical activity and more screen time. Also, organic food consumption is less than fast foods. Therefore, nowadays this is endemic than the older times.

So the healthcare policymakers are working to cope up with the problem by taking practical steps. Some of the treatments that are used effectively are given below.


Self-monitoring is basically keeping a track record of one's eating habits and the physical activities that are performed by obese individuals. In this strategy, individuals are taught to control their craving for fast foods and their screen time is also reduced along with encouraging them to do exercise. At the end of their hospital stay their initial body weight, and current body weight is measured and compared, and noticeable difference is observed.  

Increased Exercises:

It is now proved that effective weight loss requires more than 150min/week of exercise and the energy consumption in this process should be between 1200-1800kcal/week. That means that you need to get yourself used to exercise and other healthy outdoor activities.

Weight-reducing Drugs:  

Nowadays the healthcare policymakers are focusing more on healthy ways to deal with obesity than using drugs. But when all the treatments mentioned above seem ineffective than weight-reducing drugs are used. The drugs are used with all the methods mentioned above.

As I told you that obese patients also have diabetes, therefore, the patients should also do tests before going for any medications.

This medication is considered to be the last option; most hospitals don't recommend it.

Surgical interventions:

Ok, so the last in this list is the surgical intervention which is done only in case of extremely obese patients.

You might have heard about surgeries, most actresses do it to enhance their features.

In this method, the extra fat is removed from the body. You may be a bit scared of the procedure, Right? But what if I tell you that this method is useful for reducing body fat, obesity-related diseases and also it helps in reducing mortality rates.

So now that you are familiar with obesity and its possible treatments I hope that this blog has cleared some of your misconceptions.


Article last time updated on 26.01.2019.

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