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Whether in the office, at school or behind the wheel: we spend a lot of time sitting and often stay in the same position for too long. The possible side effects are stiffness, back problems and pain. The SensA-Chair smart seating solution combats decreased mobility and ensures dynamic sitting.

In this interview, Professor Ulf Müller, MD, talks about disc desiccation (or dehydration), describes the role of artificial intelligence in the medical field and reveals what’s in the cushions.

The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems of the Technical University of Cologne developed the "SensA-Chair". What is that exactly?

Prof. Ulf Müller: SensA-Chair is a BMBF-funded R & D project, which was executed by the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems at the Technical University of Cologne in collaboration with three industry partners and two other universities.

Over the course of this project, we developed a smart seating system designed to prevent health problems associated with prolonged static sitting and an unchanged posture by actively promoting active dynamic sitting through regular sitting adjustments. ...

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Article last time updated on 23.01.2019.

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