Why Healthcare Industry Requires A Test Management Tool?



Test management tools play an important role in storing information on the ways testing can be done, plan activities and tell the status of quality assurance activities. These tools have various approaches to testing and thus have numerous sets of features.

Nowadays, the healthcare industry is in an extreme need of a test management tool for quality assurance purposes. The healthcare software requires continuous monitoring because any glitch can result in a dreadful loss.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you five reasons that make a test management tool important for the healthcare industry.

1. It Will Provide A Powerful Dashboard

There is no need to message team members individually for a quick update regarding the project’s status, with an effective test management tool. It has an interactive and powerful dashboard that enables you to have a 360-degree view of each ongoing project’s status after logging on. Team members don’t have to run after to collect updates. They just have to log in and view updates bug reports, test cases, test scenarios, and status reports.

2. It Provides Seamless Integration with Powerful Apps

An effective test management tool offers flawless integrations with various powerful apps to sync data, streamline workflow, pushing pipelines, syncing defects and data. This provides you with an improved experience that is powerful, adjustable and fast. It enables you to manage your releases and cooperate with your teams without missing out on any significant aspects.

3. Testers Will Not Have to Face Software Hassles

It is the dream of the testers to have a hassle-free environment to manage their testing lifecycles. With a good test management tool, testers won’t have a requirement to allocate extra cash on software and hardware installations to run testing operations. The user-friendly feature provides them with the freedom to use it anytime from anywhere.

4. It Will Provide Enhanced Security

An effective test management tool gives priority to security and privacy. Therefore, to safeguard their security and privacy these tools have the highest strength of SSL encryption. The test management product is role-based access permission and identity management that go beyond the standard password protection. It regularly backup data to guarantee recoverability to keep away from the later fatigue.

5. They Have User-Friendly Interface

An ideal test management tool is extremely user-friendly and provides intuitive performance and functioning that makes test management more fun and engaging.

6. It Will Generate Email Notifications

For added convenience, a test management tool enables you to customize email notifications for various privileges and roles. These notifications rapidly alert the relevant team members regarding new changes in an ongoing project.

Kualitee has all of these features mentioned above. It is the best could-based test management solutions that support both automated and manual testing. Its integration with Jira, Selenium, Bitbucket, and Jenkins lets you accomplish your tests efficiently and effectively. In addition to this, it offers user-friendly interface, email-notifications, enhanced security, multiple test cycles, formats and access mediums, flexible user control, laser focus visibility, mobile app test management, automated testing, defect management, test case management, requirement planning, and a powerful dashboard. As a result, it decreases the stress level of the project and saves you from hassle.

Article last time updated on 29.01.2019.

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