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Abortion has become prevalent in society as a way of safely terminating accidental pregnancies. However, the rise in abortion numbers has also contributed to a lot of misinformation about the procedure.

Abortion has become prevalent in society as a way of safely terminating accidental pregnancies. However, the rise in abortion numbers has also contributed to a lot of misinformation about the procedure. Most individuals don’t know much about the process of abortion, which can affect their thoughts. Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding surgical abortion in Melbourne and across the world. 


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Is the Abortion Process Safe?

Yes. Many myths suggest abortion isn’t safe and should not be performed under any circumstance, but this is not true. Abortion is a safe and reliable procedure, and research shows that it’s actually safer to perform an abortion than it is to carry a pregnancy to term. However, abortion is a surgical procedure, and like any other medical procedure, it can come with risks. You can reduce the likelihood of complications by choosing a certified practitioner to carry out the procedure. 

Can I Have Children After an Abortion?

Yes. The most common myth is that once you have an abortion, you’ll become infertile. It’s also common to hear that the more abortions you have, the less likely you’ll be to conceive in the future. This myth is wrong, as there’s currently no scientific data that shows having an abortion affects your fertility.

At What Stage in My Pregnancy Can I Have an Abortion?

Abortion rules differ depending on the state and the country. Some countries can perform an abortion on a pregnancy up to 22 weeks. Depending on the clinic, abortion can also be performed at any stage of the pregnancy if there’s a threat to the mother.

Find out what the clinics around you offer to know the time you have left to undergo the abortion. Before a surgical abortion in Melbourne, they can perform a screening to determine how far along you are with your pregnancy.

Is Surgical Abortion More Effective Than Pill Abortion?

No. Both methods are very safe and effective, so it’s your personal choice to decide which option you’re more comfortable with. While some people may prefer surgical abortion, others may prefer a pill abortion that allows them to relax at home until the process is complete. You can consult with your physician if you’re having trouble choosing an abortion method.

Will I Encounter Pro-Life Individuals at My Clinic?

Unfortunately, abortion clinics can have anti-abortion protestors outside their premises. These individuals believe that life is sacred and should not be terminated. When you need to undergo an abortion, you may find yourself wanting to keep the matter private, and it can be daunting to have to walk past protestors when approaching an abortion clinic. But remember:

·  You are not forced to talk to protesters and you can walk right past them

·  Protesters cannot enter the clinic premises

·  Protesters cannot block your access to the clinic

·  You can ask for assistance from the clinic to walk you in

Can I Bring Someone With me?

Yes, you can. Abortion is a process that requires emotional and physical support, so it’s recommended that you bring a partner or a friend. 

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