How Our Mental State and Physical Health Interconnect


People are already well aware of the fact that physical ailments and mental imbalances are directly connected. Psychologists study the way that the mind can be influenced by impacting the body and that heavy mental conditions manifest as physical ailments in the body.

The Impact of Mental Health on the Body

There are many ways in which a mental imbalance could manifest negatively in the body. People who are most distressed show a 32% greater risk of dying from cancer or cardiovascular disease. In a similar way, people with schizophrenia are twice as likely to die from heart disease or a respiratory disease.


People who suffer use the services of psychological institutions are statistically less likely to go for their routine checkups and are less responsible for their physical health overall. Such people are less likely to change their bad habits and for new, healthier ones.

Factors That Influence Mental and Physical Health

There are numerous factors that play a role in both mental and physical health.


Physical activity is a way of toning the body and calming the mind. Exercise increases the beneficial chemicals in the brain known as endorphins. These changes in the chemistry of the brain create a better overall disposition which naturally improves the physical condition.


Physical activity is not limited to any particular sport. It can be as simple as using the muscles to fuel movement.


Good dietary habits are essential in promoting good health. The food we eat supplies the brain and body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, fats, and building blocks for them to work optimally. There are lifestyle programs like the Le-Vel Thrive program that offers an extensive program for supplementation and lifestyle changes that can help one organize themselves in providing all the nutrients that their body needs.

Reasons for Poor Mental Health

There is a combination of factors that can offset mental problems. These incude:



While poor mental health is best to be treated, it is not always a sign of weakness but a problem that waits to be solved.

Treatment of Mental Health

If depression in people with chronic anxiety is not treated, this could cause suffering while a treatment can decrease this condition while also prolonging and improving life. For people with mild depression, a simple switch in lifestyle habits such as sleep patterns and physical activity can improve the sense of wellbeing quickly.


While physical health can be boosted through better lifestyle choices like proper diet and exercise, mental health is also something that can be worked on individually to contribute to physical wellness.


The most important thing in achieving a better mental situation is valuing and respecting yourself. Self-criticism and judgment can eat us away. Valuing yourself means taking the time to do the things you enjoy and learning new things that will benefit you in the future.


Keeping good company is another way to have good psychological health. People who are toxic can affect you negatively with dramatic situations, so those people should be kept at a distance. Choose people who are supportive and make you feel better about life and yourself.


Stress is the biggest reason for mental torture. There are ways to achieve good stress coping skills. Things like yoga, Tai Chi, breathwork, and going out in nature are great ways to help you manage stressful periods in your life. Laughter is another way to do it. Finding things that are comic and make you laugh is the quickest and easiest way to boost your mood.

Taking Care of Yourself

Once you know the connection between physical and mental health, you can start both ways in order to improve both of them. If physical changes are easier for you, start out with making daily lifestyle changes. If working on your mental state comes easier, then this will positively impact your physical life as well. It doesn't take much -- just a couple of changes can make a huge difference in the way you feel and experience life.


Article last time updated on 09.11.2018.

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