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I am passionate about bringing better options to those in need of aged care and disability support. The industry is in the midst of change, with consumers demanding more choice and control. I hope to bring insightful information to those in need of care and to those providing it.

All industry sectors are significantly complex in order to function, where the health industry is no exception. A single change to the process of a particular job role or area can instantly impact another sector – similar to a domino effect. The impact of a single  more...


There is nothing fun or pleasant about suffering from anxiety and it depending on how badly you experience bouts of anxiety, it can be a debilitating experience. If you regularly experience anxiety, medication or therapy do not have to be your only treatment. You can  more...


When it comes time for you or a loved one to move into an aged care facility, there can be a lot to consider. Understandably, it can be overwhelming to make the move into new surroundings with new people and new schedules. While it’s important to deal with these  more...


Seniors can make small changes in their everyday life to make significant health improvements. more...


Australia has an ageing population. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare by 2064 there will be 9.6 million people aged over 65. While this is almost 50 years away, even now there is a strain on our aged care system and pressures on our  more...


Claire Jones

Industry employee


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