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Scientists at Temple University School of Medicine have blocked HIV gene expression in human cells in a manner that reduces toxicity, suggesting it can "provide a specific, efficacious prophylactic and therapeutic approach against AIDS." But how was this finding shared  more...


Oncolytic viruses have never been shown to work systemically to induce a complete remission of metastatic cancer - until now. A group at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has used a modified measles virus to send one patient into complete remission who has now  more...


New research shows that miRNA135 may act as an endogenous antidepressant and that its levels in human blood can indicate clinical status as well as response to treatment, which brings us one step closer to better treatments for patients with Depression. more...


There was a time before antibiotics when infectious diseases were a major killer in industrialized countries. Thanks to antibiotics this is a thing of the past, but is it also a part of the future? The growing prominence of antibiotic resistance suggests this could be  more...


In 2008, a man known as the Berlin Patient was deemed functionally cured of HIV. This followed receiving an allogeneic stem cell transplant from a donor with an HIV-resistance mutation. more...


Bariatric surgery is a highly effective method for weight loss compared to other interventions like exercise and dieting. While it has been shown to lead to immediate physical improvement, there is much to learn about its downstream effects. more...

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