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Healthcare technology is more than managing the health of individuals and coordinating care. Lifestyle has changed a lot and no one cares about their health and lifestyle. Eating junk food, sitting for long hours and little to no physical activity can lead to the life-threatening situation. The ideal way to know how to stay healthy, mobile apps can help you lead the way to healthy lifestyle.

Test management tools play an important role in storing information on the ways testing can be done, plan activities and tell the status of quality assurance activities. These tools have various approaches to testing and thus have numerous sets of  more...


Physicians utilize their tablets and smartphones for work at very high rates. As per Kluwer Health survey, 44% of the doctors use smartphones access clinical reference tools with patients communicate with staff, and access medical research. 63% of the physicians  more...


The Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT can be defined as the network of vehicles and physical devices and other items entrench with network connectivity, actuators, sensors, software, and electronics. They permit these objects to gather and exchange information.  more...


With millions of apps available on market, you have to pick the one that suits you. For example, if you are in the ovulation period and trying to conceive a baby, you might not need any of these apps. The same goes for the apps listed above, what suits you the most,  more...


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