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Leukemia: Signal Conduction cut

Hope for patients with an acute myeloid leukemia: Oncologists in Marburg/Germany were able to show that – with this type of blood cancer – Sorafenib helps, a drug already approved for liver- and kidney cancer. more...


Breast Cancer: With the Aid of B&T

A team of researchers has discovered the importance of the immune system for prognosis of mamma carcinomas: If B- and T-lymphocytes are particularly active, the probability of distant metastases occurring is significantly decreased. more...


The Disease – Snooper

German researchers have developed an analysis method which might – a few years down the road - help detecting infections and cancer in breathing air. During this non-invasive procedure, the patient just blows into a small tube. The measuring device supplies the more...


Wash and Go for Renal Failure

Scientists in California have developed a portable artificial kidney. It soon could save patients suffering from chronic renal failure from hours and hours of treatment in dialysis centers. In an initial test, the suitability for daily use was tested now on affected more...


Alzheimer Test: Tell-tale Proteins

Berlin researchers want to improve the diagnosis of Alzheimer. The plan: To attest the disease earlier and more precisely by blood test. Two small protein fragments play an important role. more...


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