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The Long Walk After Treating A Klatskin Tumor

I took the long walk today. The long walk from the operating room to the frozen section pathology suite to a consultation room in the surgical waiting area. The family of the patient whose operation I had just completed was waiting expectantly and fearfully in the room. more...


Does Your Dogma Bite?

I love dogs. While dogs are great fun, playful, and wonderful companions, they can also chew your expensive new shoes to pieces or leave malodorous droppings in the house that you follow your nose to find. Dogma is much like this. more...


Payback Is A Personal Trainer

This gentleman was several inches shorter than me, but his chest was massive. His biceps were larger than my thighs. He explained to me that the diagnosis of cancer was very inconvenient and that he needed to get back to training himself and his clients, including many more...


Good News, Bad News

I would never make it as a professional poker player because I can’t bluff when I’m holding a bad hand or keep from grinning when I have a good one. My patients can tell from my face when I walk into the clinic room what the news is going to be. more...


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