Dipl.-Ing. Sonja Schmitzer

Profession: Medical journalist

Schon seit meiner Schulzeit fasziniert mich die medizinische und biologische Forschung. Als Ingenieurin für molekulare Biotechnologie arbeitete ich zunächst in der pädiatrischen Onkologie der Charité, bevor ich meine Leidenschaft zum Beruf machte: Ich schreibe als freie Fachjournalistin über Lifescience-Themen. Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf meiner Webseite .

My articles:

A Vaccination Is On The Way

Hardly anything has influenced medicine as much as the possibility of getting vaccinated against diseases. At the moment, novel vaccines are being developed for psoriasis, allergy to cats, Alzheimer's and cancer – and that seems to be just the beginning. more...


MS: Intestinal Bacteria On Stone Age Diet

Research shows that intestinal bacteria are linked to multiple sclerosis. An American doctor, suffering from MS herself, is investing efforts on a special diet which resembles the paleo diet. Her self-experiment will now be tested in a clinical trial. more...


Younger, fatter, colorectal cancer

Anyone who in previous times had been diagnosed with colon cancer at an early age was considered an exceptional case. American studies now show that more and more young adults are affected by the disease. An explanation might be obesity during teenage years. more...


Night Shift: Shuffling On All The Way To Cancer

Those who work at night not only turn their biorhythm upside, but also increase their risk of cancer. Responsibility for this could lie in a lack of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is involved in DNA repair. more...


Running In The Summer: Are You Still Tight In The Intestine?

Runners are familiar with gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea and nausea. If runs are very long, they can have more serious consequences. Leaky-gut syndrome increases the permeability of the intestinal wall: bacterial lipopolysaccharides and toxins find their more...


Depression: The Pleasure Pacemaker

For patients with severe treatment-resistant depression, there may soon be a new treatment option. In one four-year study, seven out of eight patients benefited from deep brain stimulation. Four of the patients were cured. more...


Hasta La Vista, LDL

A single injection of a short ribonucleic acid removes LDL cholesterol from the blood, according to a study. What is remarkable moreover is that all patients with elevated LDL cholesterol levels responded to the treatment. The success rate was higher than with more...


Time Machine For Type 2 Diabetics

Insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics could be eliminated in a mouse model by an enzyme inhibitor. If the results were to be transferred to humans, would it be a blessing for all those concerned – or rather a free ticket for absolute self indulgence? more...


Gout Patients: Dinner Cancelled

Plenty of fat and little carbohydrate – a ketogenic diet was able to alleviate the symptoms of gout in rats. In one Yale University study the NLRP3 inflammasome was also identified as a potential target in gout therapy. more...


Autism: Early Bird Diagnosis

Recognition of autism spectrum disorder currently occurs at the earliest at two years of age. This could soon change due to MRI-based diagnostics – at least for "high-risk children" from families which already have an autistic sibling. But does such an early more...


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