Dr. rer. nat. Silke Kerscher-Hack

Profession: Pharmacist

Ich bin selbstständige Medizinjournalistin und schreibe meine Artikel für Verlage oder Gesundheitsportale. Als approbierte Apothekerin interessiere mich besonders für Themen aus dem pharmazeutischen, medizinischen oder chemischen Bereich.


My articles:

CMD: Who’s Cracking The Case?

Craniomandibular dysfunction can be treated effectively in most cases. The problem lies elsewhere: those affected often have an exasperating journey of visits to various specialists already behind them, before the suspicion falls on CMD. more...


Dyslipidaemia: The New Lipid Sinker

Researchers worldwide are looking for new therapies to deal with elevated lipid blood levels. PCKS9 inhibitor, which has been used in studies to successfully reduce the risk of cardiovascular deaths, is already in use. A cholesterol-lowering vaccine also seems more...


Oral Tobacco: Snuffer, Beware

Snuff is considered a healthy alternative to cigarettes. According to The Global Forum For Nicotine, it is "up to 95 % safer than cigarettes". Critics warn that the risks are being underestimated, as it contains 28 cancer promoting substances. Its consumption can lead more...


Parabiosis: A Murky Fountain Of Youth

Parabiosis has made a comeback in ageing research. Studies showed: the sewing together of two differently aged mice has rejuvenating effects on the body of the older mouse. A new anti-ageing strategy? Some companies are already offering blood transfusions. more...


Back Pain: A Painful Pill To Swallow

Back pain is among the most common medical complaints. According to current studies, however, the medications used hardly show any effect. US guidelines now recommend non-drug measures. German experts advise that multimodal pain therapy be used. more...


Mosquitoes: Vaccinating With Spit

Each year, more than 700 million people fall ill to mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. One British company has developed a vaccine designed to protect against all of these diseases. It is being tested in a phase I study. more...


Glioblastoma: Remission Rather Than Progression

For the first time American neurosurgeons have employed genetically modified T cells in the treatment of a solid tumour. One patient with recurrent and multifocal glioblastoma ended up being in remission for about seven months. more...


Trigeminal Neuralgia: Hands Off

Trigeminal neuralgia – for those affected this means violent unilateral facial pain. Not infrequently, it is accompanied by depressive moods. Chiropractic interventions promise quick relief without side effects. Experts criticise this approach. more...


Osteoarthritis Pain: The Oops-Study

Tedec-Meiji Farma had certainly imagined a different picture! The Spanish company sponsored a study in order to examine the effectiveness of their product. The result: the placebo relieves osteoarthritis pain better than the dietary supplement. more...


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Finally An Antidote

CO poisoning is the worldwide leading cause of fatal poisoning. Despite this, there is no effective antidote. Pulmonologists have now developed a protein that represents an alternative to treatment using oxygen. It binds the poisonous gas within seconds. more...


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