Dr. rer. nat. Silke Kerscher-Hack

Profession: Pharmacist

Ich bin selbstständige Medizinjournalistin und schreibe meine Artikel für Verlage oder Gesundheitsportale. Als approbierte Apothekerin interessiere mich besonders für Themen aus dem pharmazeutischen, medizinischen oder chemischen Bereich.


My articles:

Cervical Cancer: An Injection Of New Hope

Cervical cancer rates as one of the most common cancers in women. Approximately 500,000 women fall victim to it annually worldwide; 350,000 die. Recovery is only possible with treatment at an early stage or with complete removal of the tumor. A therapeutic vaccine will more...


Calcium Preparations: Creeping Calcifier

Many people reach for calcium supplements in order to cover their daily needs. According to a new study these preparations increase the risk of atherosclerotic impact and thus of getting cardiac disease as well. A more suitable option is a calcium-rich food supply. more...


Otitis Media: The Options Are Gelling

Otitis media is frequently treated in infants and young children by using antibiotics. However, the side effects and the long duration of treatment lessen compliance. A hydrogel which is applied just once to the eardrum in a case of illness is about to change that. more...


Animal Venoms: The Healing Bite

Animal venoms are supposed to deter, incapacitate or kill adversaries. Increasingly however, researchers keep discovering that the venom of snakes, scorpions or spiders can also cure diseases, and that this is even lucrative. Captopril and the antidiabetic exenatide more...


Personalised Medicine: The All-In-One Pill

A single pill that is specifically tailored to the patient. It contains all the necessary medications and releases them in differentiated sequences. It is taken once a day. In addition, it is simple and inexpensive to produce – is this all too good to be true? more...


Color Patch: Go Green

Burn patients often receive antibiotics as a precaution. It's not always so that current tests confirm the presence of infection. In order to avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatment, researchers have developed a wound dressing that alters its colour once the wound is more...


Glioblastoma: A Deadly Duet

Glioblastomas are, in spite of intensive treatment using surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, incurable. However a recently discovered mechanism could offer a new drug target. This is because tumour growth is accelerated by two mutually reinforcing genes. more...


Sex and Violence: Neurons in the Grey Zone

Erotic love relationship or perhaps sexual violence? The film "Fifty Shades of Grey" shows that these might only be separated by a thin boundary. American scientist David Anderson also comes to a similar conclusion. more...


Hand Hygiene: Big Brother Is Washing You

A thorough hand hygiene procedure can prevent nosocomial infections and also reduce costs. Nonetheless, the implementation of this recommendation in medical practice has been defective. One US health industry initiative wants to now monitor hand disinfection more...


Miscarriage: No Family Tree Without Stem Cells

About six percent of pregnant women suffer two or more abortions, wherein the risk increases with age. A lack of stem cells in the endometrium could be a possible reason for habitual miscarriage, according to British researchers. more...


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