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The Exact Moment This Doctor Realized The Amazing Power Of Women

I grew up in a household of women. I had no brothers to compete with, and my parents always encouraged us to learn and develop leadership skills. However, even growing up in an encouraging environment, I still developed an unconscious bias. more...


For Medicine To Grow, We Need To Look At Our Own Biases

If you had told me I would be writing someday on women's issues, I would have grabbed a pulse oximeter and placed it on your finger to check your oxygen levels. I have spent the majority of my career reading, studying and writing on clinical medicine. Then, something more...


Doctors: Don’t Emotionally Detach

I was a third-year medical student on a Sunday morning when the reality of what I had chosen as my life career truly hit me in the gut. At that moment, I realized how intimate the practice of medicine was and that I would have to bring not only my brain and skills to more...


For An Anesthesiologist, This Is The Hardest Part Of Medicine

There are times I care for patients who are faced with a tough decision: to take their chance on a very high-risk surgery, or let nature take its course. It is in these times I feel most humble and most human, as I may be the last one to hear the last words they speak. more...


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