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The Unexpected Impact This Patient Had On His Pediatrician

As a pediatrician, I work to keep children healthy so they can grow up and achieve their dreams. I especially have a soft spot for angry, defiant children. These children are given my undivided attention and respect, and I expect the same in return. more...


Is Direct Primary Care Doomed To Fail?

Physicians should be standing at the bedside, not in front of computer workstations. Direct Primary Care is a model for which we should all be rooting; it is transforming the physician-patient relationship and restoring the practice of medicine to its noble roots, more...


What Are The Barriers To Healthcare?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is a devastating and debilitating disease. Those who have it suffer most by losing their independence as well as their ability to navigate through life challenges. They often lose their safety net because the healthcare more...


My Relationships With Patients Last Generations

At 6 a.m. one morning, I was playing tennis at our local athletic club. Sam, working at the front desk came running down onto the courts. "There is an emergency and a woman on the phone says she needs your help." more...


You’ve Heard Of Brexit? Here’s What They Call Doctors Who Are Leaving.

Sean MacStiofain said, "most revolutions are caused … by the stupidity and brutality of governments." Regulation without legitimacy, predictability, and fairness always leads to backlash instead of compliance. more...


The Story Of A Rare, Serious Complication Of Mononucleosis

Thirteen years ago, I received a call from the mother of a college freshman who was concerned because her son had been diagnosed with mononucleosis during finals week. She felt something was not quite right and asked me for advice. more...


Physicians Have A Duty To Respond To Emergencies If They Can

"Someone else will lend a helping hand," a physician told me once, when asked to help with an emergency in public. As a PALS instructor for more than a decade, I have always responded when possible. Some time ago, I discovered the best reason to respond to medical more...


A Child’s Father Knew When To Let Go. The Health Care Team Didn’t.

Physicians are used to seeing patients at the end of their lives. They are often accepting of patients DNR orders before family members are ready. This story is about a time where the health care team was ill-prepared, yet a parent made the difficult decision to more...


Vaccinations Are More About Trust Than Science

I am going to confess that I am my children’s pediatrician. I have given them every vaccination they have ever had and probably would not trust another provider to do it. I endorse the vaccination schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics; I believe more...


Sometimes We Are Heroes. Sometimes We Are Villains.

If I have learned anything over the last 15 years, it is that our job is not an easy one. That is not to make excuses, rather to emphasize the fact that success or failure can depend on circumstantial timing, making physicians look like heroes or villains. more...


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