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Mycoses: Problematic Fungi Findings

Fungal infections are often underestimated, their correct diagnosis subsequently arrives too late. They are particularly dangerous when as pathogens they evade pharmaceutical assault. This is shown by deaths in the USA. more...


p53: Who’s Arousing The Tumour Slayer?

p53 is one of the body's most important weapons against cancer. In most tumours the tumour suppressor gene is however mutated. Scientists have for a long time been trying to retrieve this "guardian of the genome". The pharmaceutical giants are now enthusiastically more...


Aluminium deodorants: Sweating with fear without proof

Children's toys are often criticised, health investigators repeatedly find substances of concern in plastic bottles and sweaters as well. For several years now another group of products has been working up tempers too: deodorants. One group of active substances in more...


WHO calls for sugarstriction

If it were up to the World Health Organisation, humanity should go out of its way to reduce its sugar intake drastically. However more discussion ought to be take place regarding this ambitious step. more...


Medical journals: Gone cold turkey

One of the major medical journals finally distances itself from the cigarette industry. The risk of the deadly products being abused is said to be too great. more...


Pregnancy: Ceasefire in the Decidua

When it comes to foreign tissue, the immune system does not exactly act lightly. This makes it all the more astounding that a foetus in the womb does not fall victim to the immune system. U.S. scientists can now perhaps explain the paradox. more...


Music Therapy: something good to hear

It brings calm, it creates movement, it works its way into the brain – music. It is therefore not surprising that more and more scientists successfully employ music in therapy for various diseases. more...


Stool donation: faece to faece, so to speak

The final option is sometimes not paved in marble, but smeared with excrement. When the intestinal flora has been damaged and germs attack the body, if nothing else works, a stool donation is said to achieve remarkable success. more...


Phylogenetics: Tetris meets pedigree

Humans sometimes understand complex patterns better than a mainframe computer. That's what researchers are now utilising in search of diseases – with a computer game. more...


Salt: the uncured truth

For years experts have been preaching that salt is a risk factor as it is supposed to make blood pressure rise. And now this: Researchers have found out that patients with lower intake of salt have a greater risk of heart attacks and strokes. What's true now then? more...


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