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Time is Brain – Sometimes

Every fourth man and every fifth woman is affected by apoplexy. In 85 percent of all cases the disease is caused by a thrombus. Thrombolysis opens 60 percent of all closures. But diabetics have a more adverse prognosis. more...


Vicious Circle in the Brain

In the course of a malignant tumor ailment 25 percent of the patients develop a depression. Several studies proved this. Now it turns out that the psychological pressure of the disease is not the actual trigger. It's the neurotransmitters that are out of balance. more...


The Key to Addiction

It's all about the kick. How does it develop and by what? What goes on in the brain, when you get addicted? There are many models to explain the development of addiction. Seventy years after the discovery of Acetylcholin, scientists found a new role of the carrier more...


The Answer to the Problem

Austrian dermatologist and human geneticists have gained new findings about the genesis of neurodermatitis: A lack of filaggrin promotes the genesis of the disease. Reason for new hope for thousands of neurodermatitis patients? more...


New Chance for Preemies

There is hope for babies suffering from brain damage caused by a periventricular Leukomalacia: Innsbruck neonatologists examine a possibility to remedy existing damage. more...


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