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What clinics want from the government

How do hospitals successfully implement lower personnel limits or digitalisation and what assistance do they need with this? The 41st. German Hospital Day is concerned with burning topics for representatives of the inpatient sector. more...


Anaesthesia: Uproar In Slumberland

Media reports of intraoperative alertness have aroused uncertainty in patients. These include for example: "Problems during full narcosis – patients became restless during surgery". Anaesthetists feel assaulted by these reports. How great is the risk in actuality? more...


Pneumonia: Underestimated And Overlooked

Pneumonia is a condition often overlooked by doctors. Patients benefit from taking antibiotics even in mild cases. In order to promptly distinguish pneumonia from other infections, one should pay attention to certain points in everyday clinical practice. more...


Deprescribing: The Pill Dropouts

Every fifth patient is permanently taking three or more pharmaceutical products. Whether the medications cause harm in the long term is too often unquestioned by doctors for fear of rebound phenomena. Through the process of deprescribing, taking unnecessary pills is more...


Migraine: New Therapy, False Promises?

Neurologists have developed antibodies for migraine treatment. These antibodies are intended for use primarily as prophylaxes. Although studies prove their effectiveness, whether they are more suitable than existing medications is nonetheless controversial. more...


Cystic Fibrosis: It Keeps Progressing

Until now, cystic fibrosis has been primarily treated symptomatically. Now results exist from studies on causal therapy: tezacaftor, a new "CFTR corrector", can improve the lung function of patients when combined with ivacaftor. Is this really a step forward? more...


Blood Donation: The Vampirical Antihypertensive

Donating blood is supposed to have a positive effect on high blood pressure. Patients with moderate hypertension benefited in particular. Recipients, however, must be prepared to deal with risks: young men are at an increased risk of dying if they receive blood from more...


Propranolol’s CV Gets An Update

Propranolol has been used as a beta-blocker for decades now. New studies suggest that it could also be indicated for other conditions. One startup in the USA is even planning to prescribe it to treat fear of public speaking. more...


HPV: Time To Vaccinate The Lads As Well!

Eleven years after the launch of the first HPV vaccine, it's time to take stock. As the number of protected women rises slowly but surely, men become the new risk group. Experts are calling for comprehensive vaccination of both sexes. more...


Placebos: Awareness Does Not Protect Against Effects

Doctors are reluctant to use placebo instead of medication as a therapeutic measure because they do not want to betray their patients. Perhaps they do not even have to. One study shows that placebos work, even when patients know that the preparation contains no active more...


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