Dipl.-Chem. Michael van den Heuvel

Profession: Medical journalist

Als Diplomchemiker und Fachjournalist interessieren mich alle Themen rund um Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Gesundheit und Gesundheitspolitik. Besonders den Entwicklungen in der Apothekenlandschaft bin ich hier auf der Spur. Meine Texte schreibe ich für Informationsdienste, Broschüren oder Magazine. Außerdem konzipiere  ich Internetauftritte.

My articles:

The Most Harmful Cosmetics On The Market

Compared to medications, specifications about cosmetic substances in hair and skin care products are vague. Complaints about disturbing side effects are rapidly increasing, US dermatologists indicate. Despite known risks, these products often remain on the market. more...


Oncology: The Suicide Metastasis

On average, cancer patients have a 60% higher suicide risk than non-affected persons. Compared to treatment using pharmacotherapy and radiation therapy, psycho-oncology is given low priority. American oncologists want to change that. more...


Pregnancy: Better Never Than Late?

More and more frequently women aged 35 plus are getting pregnant. Experiencing baby bliss in later life is nonetheless a risk factor. Nothing much is altered here by molecular biology, nor by recommendations based on cohort studies. more...


Cancer: Hunting For The Dumbo Genes

Oncologists have in recent times learned a lot by looking at elephants and Greenland whales. These large and heavy animals, despite huge cell division rates, rarely develop cancer. Now we are trying to use this knowledge for the benefit of human cancer patients. more...


Brain Ageing: Bloodbath In The Fountain Of Youth

Reversing the phenomena of ageing – people have dreamed of it for thousands of years. Neuroscientists are now showing that proteins from umbilical cord blood can revitalise the cognitive abilities of mice. A breakthrough in age research. more...


Breast Cancer: Trend Towards Double-Mastectomy

Increasingly often, doctors receive requests for prophylactic mastectomies from patients with breast carcinoma. From a scientific perspective, the affected individuals rarely benefit from the procedure. What role do role models in the media play? more...


Vaccine With A Bit Of Cheek

Recommendations for vaccinations are ignored by many. Now bioengineers are trying to develop vaccines for domestic use, thereby eliminating the need to go to the doctor. Is it possible to overcome the skin mucosal barrier without a needle? more...


Diabetes: Diet Instead Of Injections?

Is a special diet a cure for type 1 and type 2 diabetes? This supposition is being expressed by cell biologists based on an animal study. They evaluate their results to be relevant to human medicine despite open questions. more...


Hypertension: A Forceful Foursome?

In dealing with patients with arterial hypertension, lifestyle changes are not always enough. Cardiologists now show that those affected benefit from four low-dose antihypertensive medications in combination. Their study is nevertheless not free of weaknesses. more...


Asthma Fatale

Every third asthma diagnosis of an adult is false, the outcome of a recent investigation states. The study leader and pulmonologist adds with a critical tone: "Asthma is not so difficult to diagnose, but doctors do need to do the right tests". more...


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