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Abortion: Reduced risk of preterm birth?

Previous studies have shown that abortions are associated with an increased risk of subsequent preterm birth. A new Scottish cohort study now shows that modern abortion techniques can minimise this risk. more...


French Fry Kids with Asthma-Burger, please!

Children and adolescents who eat fast food at least three times a week suffer comparatively more often from asthma, hay fever and eczema. Fruits and vegetables protect against these. This is the gist of the ISAAC study, in which two million children and adolescents more...


Does tea make for great DNA?

A new study suggests a positive interaction between tea polyphenols and DNA. This could solve the mystery as to why people who drink tea regularly suffer less cancer and cardiovascular disease than non-tea drinkers. more...


Flu vaccination: A Needle-Placebo?

On average each year in Germany 5,000 to 15,000 people die from the consequences of a 'flu. In particular, it's pregnant women, infants and the chronically ill who are at risk. The seasonal flu vaccination is considered the best protection available, but critical more...


Mammary carcinoma: the many faces of cancer

A study concludes that most breast cancers are caused by mutations in 30 to 50 genes. One of the key findings is that many of the newly discovered breast cancer mutations are put specifically in the four individual established breast cancer subclasses. more...


Nocebo: The Evil Brother of the Placebo

Using words, doctors cannot only heal and relieve pain, but also increase the intensity of pain. As part of their review, physicians examined which phrases used by doctors brought consternation to their patients and were able to cause them harm. more...


Electronic Health Record: The big IT-lusion?

Does electronic health administration bring significant savings to the strained public health system? No, says a U.S. study, which put the prescription and referral practices of general practitioners under the microscope. more...


Phthalates: Plasticisers trigger diabetes

Certain plasticisers in packaging and many cosmetics, known as phthalates (phthalate diesters), can cause type 2 diabetes, it emerges from a recent Swedish study from the University of Uppsala. more...


Eating disorders: Germany’s Next Pukemodel

The German Society for Psychosomatic Medicine and Medical Psychotherapy (DGPM) warns teenagers in particular against TV consumption of casting shows such as "Germany's Next Top Model".  As a new study shows, these have an influence in particular on the subjective body more...


Kama Sutra for CHD patients

Anyone who has heart disease does not need to go without sex. If patients with heart problems observe a few precautions, their sexual activities need have (almost) no limits. The American Heart Association has published a scientific guideline. more...


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