Karin Bäck

Profession: Medical journalist

Ich bin seit 2003 für Doccheck als freie Journalistin tätig. Seit neuestem bin auch Betreiberin und Chefredakteurin des Winssens- und Informationsportal career-women.org, eine Plattform für alle Themen rund um Karriereplanung und -entwicklung mit Beiträgen aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Politik und Medien.

My articles:

Take a Break, Sperm

For decades, the pill for men is keeping researchers busy now and every allegedly success message floods the respective women's media as well. Whether dream for women or nightmare for men – two reports from the US bring a new brisk wind to the series about the birth more...


Pipsqueak against Resistances

Larger, higher, further - these are the dimensions of general interest. But not in nanotechnology. There it can't get small enough. Also medicine benefits from the nanos, for example in identifying antibiotics against resistant bacteria. more...


Sour cheers away pain

A body own protein, until now known as tumor marker, obviously has more skills. The substance is called prostatic acid phosphatase. The enzyme is supposed to have the potential to suppress pain more effective than morphine. more...


Universal Weapon against Influenza

Influenza viruses have the annoying quality to permanently change. Since the human immune system only remembers the last virus type, risk groups have to go for flu shots practically every year. The solution: A universal weapon. Researchers are currently working on it. more...


Tissue instead of Titan

One percent of the infants in the Western world are born with a valve vitium in the form of a stenosis or insufficiency. Since the frequently needed replacement valves do not grow with the child, they have to be replaced several times until the patient reaches more...


A Smile like a Print

Researchers dream about a future when they could "print" skin tissue and blood vessels. Today the industry already expects promising market chances with laser-sinters of protheses, bones or dental protheses. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the more...


Alzheimer Pills: Green is the Color of Hope

The threatening sword of Damocles in terms of dementia and Alzheimer shows effects. Our government decrees better nursing standards. Research gets into top gear. The publications of all kinds of studies go head over heels. And time and again, Ibuprofen pops up in more...


Pain Therapy – Extra Hot

The Hungarian pharmacologist Nikolaus Jancso was one of the first to isolate Capsaicin the hot substance from chili and paprika to experiment with it. He set the basis for Capsaicin research with it in medicine at the University of Graz/Austria among others. But lately more...


Gene Doping – The Lab Cheat

Protests against China just don't seem to stop. The Olympic Games 2008 already seem to become a debacle. And another adversity raises from yet a different direction. Will Peking be the venue of the first gene doping wave? Or is it just fiction? Experts are groping in more...


Boring, Filling, Scanning the Breast

Early detection at the dentist's office? Breast cancer screening at the hairdresser? New biotechnological opportunities in detecting tumor markers open uncommon perspectives. Mainly saliva could play an important role in the future - enabling an early detection for more...


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