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Jean Robey MD is a practicing Nephrologist in Arizona (USA). She belongs to the largest Nephrologist own practice in the US. She is a writer, poet, mother, and wife.

My articles:

Doctors Are In The Way Of Progress. And Thank God They Are.

Doctors are in the way. They are muddying the new world order. I stand ready as a proponent of careful, compassionate care in the middle of a noisy street. I feel tired each day to execute the needed measures and still deliver the thoughtful, heartfelt elements. more...


Narrative Medicine For Social And Physician Wellness

Physician wellness begins in realizing our identity in medicine and society. Shamans, priests, and healers have existed since man began to gather together in social packs. Their unique role of guarding health and wellness was understood as important for the whole of more...


We Must Break The Circle Of Sexism

We were a team of women. A strong, intelligent female attending, a fellow, me as the resident, and the eager intern. Gunners in the ICU. Throwing in lines and throwing out numbers and grilling newly published papers for truth. more...


Physician Burnout May Not Happen. But “Burn In” Is Guaranteed.

I saw a new residency graduate post about how balanced she will choose to be and how not taking work home would keep her idealism alive. Like a woman who has been pregnant and gone through delivery and postpartum, I wanted to tell her the truth about how emotions more...


Physicians Provide A Value To Society That Cannot Be Cheapened

I walked into a patient’s room and noticed the hospital has supplied a fold up stool hung on the wall labeled “For Physicians.” I shrug. I take down the stool and open it up and seat it next to the patient’s bed. more...


4 Reasons Why Being A Doctor Is Worth It

2016 closed around a continued effort to "salvage" the medical profession’s reputation, but the notion that it’s broken continues to be counterproductive. The brightest students, for example, question the long journey and delayed gratification being a physician more...


Physicians Are The Emotional Punching Bags Of Society

The Washington Post featured an article by Dr. Michael Stein, “We all want doctors to be kind. But does kindness actually help us get better?” He presented intriguing but inconclusive data regarding the benefits of a “kind” doctor on control of diabetes or on more...


Physicians Will Rise To Take Back The Bedside

Art explains medicine by explaining human needs. In December of 2015, Dr. Michael P. Jones wrote a piece that had 27K shares: “We’ve killed the way physicians should be.” It is interpreted that 27K readers or more identified with what Dr. Jones wrote. more...


This Story Shows The Humanity Of Medicine

“Hello? Hello, Mr. Bertsie. It’s Dr. Robey. I wanted to call you and check on you,” I said into the phone stopping my constant wrestling with papers and resting what was in my hands on my lap. Mr. Bertsie and I were meeting in the equinox. more...


Welcome to the Medical Profession

Dear medical student, resident, or fellow: You will one day forget something. We are currently in a systematic plot to have everyone forget something important. We are quietly unaware it is happening. We are asked to forget how we got here. I want to remind you. I want more...


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