Dr. med. Dunja Voos

Profession: Physician

Ich bin in meiner Privatpraxis für Psychotherapie in Pulheim-Sinnersdorf (zwischen Düsseldorf und Köln) tätig. Ich bin ausgebildete Fachärztin für Arbeitsmedizin, Medizinjournalistin und mache zur Zeit eine Ausbildung zur Psychoanalytikerin. Seit 2005 führe ich ein Blog rund um die Themen Psychoanalyse und Psychische Gesundheit: www.medizin-im-text.de/blog

My articles:

Chronobiology: Clockwork Organs

Chronoprevention and chronotherapy are old topics, ones to which modern medicine is currently returning with a fresh mindset. One research team has now systematically listed previous findings on circadian rhythms of organs and diseases. more...


Fibromyalgia: How? Why? For what reason?

It may be so that doctors still held fibromyalgia in the 1990s to largely be due to psychological factors; today more and more studies have noted physical correlates. What causes the controversial illness still remains unclear though. more...


Irritable Bowel Syndrome: When the colon is lying on the couch

Across the world about 5 to 20 percent of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. A definite explanation is not yet at hand, yet it is known that the state of mind affects the intestinal tract. Gastroenterologists have shown that psychotherapy and antidepressants more...


ADHD: Behaviour therapy for mum & dad

In the treatment of ADHD, a multimodal approach is suitable, but drug therapy is increasingly coming under criticism. For this reason behavioural interventions and parent training are increasingly becoming the focus. What do they really do though? more...


Physician burnout: independent physicians also burning out

So far, the myth still persists that clinicians have a higher risk of burnout than physicians working in their own independent practice. Daniel Roberts and colleagues from the Mayo Clinic have now shown that hospital based physicians and doctors in private practices more...


Psychotherapy: Whether shorter or longer

Acute psychological stress is mostly fixed using short-term psychotherapy treatment. However for those people who suffer from chronic mental disorders only psychodynamic long-term therapy helps. One study has come to a different conclusion, which researchers have now more...


Temporo-mandibular headache: a cracking case

Patients with undefined headaches often suffer from a temporo-mandibular dysfunction. If the jaw joint does not function properly, cervicogenic pain can be considerable. Researchers are in dispute over the forms of therapy. According to one study orofacial therapies more...


Borderline therapy: Miss Understanding in the spotlight

Borderline patients can empathise well with others – but it often happens that they misunderstand people. This paradox is related to their capacity to mentalise. Mentalisation-based therapy can help them, according to a study. more...


Depression: Talk sooner, pill later

Whoever goes to a doctor for depression is quickly provided with antidepressants. Yet is that good? Researchers have now found that it is often more helpful in cases of mild depression to begin with psychodynamic therapy. more...


Borderline Therapy: No Uniform Mass

The trend is towards "disorder-specific psychotherapy". Psychologists however show using a small, but intensive study on borderline patients that it is important that the psychotherapist aligns his method specifically for the individual patient. more...


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