Dr. Christine Amrhein

Profession: Medical journalist

Als freie Wissenschaftsautorin und Diplom-Psychologin interessiere ich mich für vielfältige Themen aus den Bereichen Gehirnforschung, Psychologie und Medizin.

My articles:

Binge-Eating: The Great Gorging

Binge-eating disorder is increasingly being recognised as a distinct condition: the sufferer shoves large amounts of food down his or her throat and does not vomit. Sufferers are often overweight. Treatment is therefore also important because of the risk of more...


When Fear Works Its Way Into The Body

People with generalised anxiety disorder constantly have exaggerated worries. Even children can suffer from it. Somatic symptoms often dominate the scope of attention – the condition itself is therefore often overlooked. Psychotherapy is helpful in many cases. more...


Schizophrenia: Brotherly Divided

Genetic factors play an important role in mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. A major study has now investigated the risk of disease for siblings of those affected. Conclusion: physicians should be more aware of the increased risk. more...


Suicide In The Children’s Room

The majority of children who commit suicide are male and they commit suicide at home. Be that as it may, one third of children make utterances about this intention beforehand. Warning signs include depression, and attention deficit disorder as well. more...


Cystitis: Blowing Away Antibiotics

Bladder infections occur commonly and are usually treated with antibiotics. Researchers have now deciphered how the bacteria change their shape in order to nestle deep within the bladder wall. This knowledge opens up new avenues for the treatment and prevention of more...


Hydroxy-citrate: Can Kidney Stones Just Melt Away?

For 30 years, the approach used for the prevention of kidney stones has hardly changed. Now engineers have discovered a substance that helps to effectively prevent kidney stones. It not only inhibits the growth of the stones, but even dissolves them. more...


Psychiatry: Day of the Unlocked Door

Locked wards in psychiatry are supposed to protect patients. Yet suicide attempts and absconding are more common with locked wards than in hospitals with "open doors". A new study makes it clear: coercive measures tend to jeopardise therapy. more...


Euthanasia: Offer Without Demand

Medical euthanasia is now legal in many countries. Nevertheless it is relatively rarely used, according to a recent study. Overall, public support for euthanasia in Western Europe and the USA has almost continuously increased. more...


Sepsis: Never Ending Story

Following a septicaemia event, patients have for months or even years later an increased risk of death. A research team has now discovered that this not only derives from pre-existing conditions, but is also a direct result of blood poisoning. more...


Migraine: Get Out of the Red Light District

Migraine is often associated with increased sensitivity to light. One research team has now discovered that white, red and blue light increase the pain, whereas green light can ameliorate it. Glasses with special filters could relieve migraine pain. more...


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