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Causa Obscura: The Lost Treasure

n the respiratory department of a hospital a man who has for years suffered from coughing is being examined. For the doctors the case is quickly solved, since the patient has smoked for years. As it turns out however, this is not the cause of the symptoms. more...


COPD: Spitting Out An Evaluation

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) often develops unnoticed. Early treatment here significantly improves quality of life. Doctors from the USA have now found a biomarker for COPD in sputum. This should facilitate early diagnosis. more...


MS: One Blow Follows Another

It is now known that repeated blows to the head can lead to severe brain damage even decades later. According to a recent study, traumatic brain injuries are particularly dangerous during adolescence. They are thought to increase the risk of developing multiple more...


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