MemoryCheck – the iPhone-App for ’er’-Sayers

5. June 2013

Do you have the occasional memory lapse? With the iPhone-App MemoryCheck you can find out, in a medically proven way, whether all your grey cells are still functioning plus train your memory and alertness at the same time.

  • Measure and train your memory
  • Save and follow-up with measured data
  • Graphically display single results and trends

How it works:

MemoryCheck applies the so-called n-Back Test – a computer aided analysis procedure used in the field of psychology – to record the performance of the short-term memory. During the test, a number of random symbols appear. You have to touch the screen as fast as possible if the new symbol equals the last or the one before last.

It is paramount to repeat the test on a regular basis to check on improvements and compare results.

Tests of this nature are easy to learn, reliable and have been used in various medical fields for a long time. Studies show that the memory is being trained if those tests are done on a regular basis.

Go from saying ‘uhh’ to saying ‘Aha!’

MemoryCheck will make you a scientist! Record your data comfortably and analyze your progress. The App calculates a number of values from the measured data:

  • Average reaction time
  • Rate of mistakes
  • Average of the fastest 10% of valid reaction times

The results are displayed in easy-to-understand graphics. Retrieve single measurements as well as trends over time.



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