Advertorial: European Medical Association: Invitation letter

4. May 2012

As you know, nowadays, pollution has a huge impact on breathing disorders and more generally allergic problems.About the Pasodoble Project: Modeling, health risk assessment and development of evaluation models for the effects of multiple exposures to chemical and physical agents.

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that the EMA (European Medical Association) is a partner in the project Pasodoble (Promote Air Quality Services Integrating Observations – Development of Basic Information for Europe Localized).

Two indices were developed: an Associate Risk Index (ARI), based on the relative risk and additive effects of five major pollutants (ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, fine particles PM2.5, PM10) and a UTCI heat stress index (Universal Thermal Climate Index) evaluating the temperature felt by an individual.

These indices serve as a basis for informing the public health impacts of pollution in an appropriate and understandable manner, but may also be used by the authorities to take a series of predetermined steps and to protect people’s health at risk but also general.

This study addresses the needs of emergency services, for example, must respond to a crisis management for respiratory or cardiovascular diseases when pollution peaks or extreme weather events: forecasting, mobilization of personnel and material management to meet the extraordinary flows of patients.

With this project we want to offer to interested physicians the opportunity to receive free of charge and in real time the information about the pollution of the atmosphere at the spot of their practices.

If you are interested to particpate in this project, please let us know your coordinates. You will find below the example of the patient form to be filled out by each practitioner:

  • First and last name
  • Sex
  • Birth Date
  • Residence doctor / patient (latitude, longitude)
  • E-mail address in order to send information
  • Hand Pathology and gravity
  • Medical antecedent, pulmonary, dermatology, allergy, asthma attacks, allergic manifestation, actual diagnosis, prescribed drugs, doctor remarks

Thanks a lot for your quick answer and your remarks.

With my best regards,

Vincenzo Costigliola
European Medical Association


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