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23. January 2008

DocCheck offers now a new service - interesting as well as valuable - for physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals. The new service "DocCheck Faces" now offers medical professionals to present themselves with their profiles, services and main focus of their interests. We now introduce the brand new network...

"DocCheck Faces" is geared to Web 2.0 net works such as LinkedIn or XING but concentrates on medical professionals. It can be used as a professional web-business card or just simply for "networking". Here, physicians, pharmacists, dentists and medical students as well as other service providers in the healthcare field have the opportunity to cultivate their professional contacts centrally and to enlarge their personal medical network. In addition, Faces also works as a central business card for other DocCheck services, for example the blogs or forums.

Establish valuable contacts fast and efficiently

You will discover the benefit of this new service right away. You can establish new contacts for physicians'- and pharmacists' networks fast and easy-to use, build-up a panel of experts or start an inquiry for consultation. Other topics of interest might be purchasing pools or new tips for therapy.

With just a few clicks, every registered DocCheck user can set up a free profile and present his colleagues and acquaintances in the doctor's office or the hospital special offers and medical expertise that way. You can invite colleagues and friends by eMail and add them to our own network as a contact. The user has access to the latest contact data at all times. These contacts maintained in Faces can be imported to your personal Outlook address book with just one click. The fine-tuned data release enables every user to decide who will see which data about him.

In the future, the nearly 520,000 members of the largest medical portal in Europe will benefit from the continuous expansions with special functions for medical professions. "In every white coat you'll find a human being!" as Dr. Frank Antwerpes, the CEO of DocCheck comments. "With DocCheck Faces we want to make him visible."
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