Blogger Beware: Ebola On Everyone’s Lips!

20. November 2014

A call out to the DocCheck community. To all bloggers and those who want to become one: describe your view on the Ebola epidemic or on other current medical issues to a wide readership. Stories, opinions, impressions? Share it with us.

Are you a medical professional or a member of some related specialist group? An interested DocCheck News reader, who sometimes give his two cents worth and would like to give it more of an audience? Then your chance has now arrived! Every day more than 260,000 potential readers are just waiting to be informed and entertained by you. Share your opinion with the DocCheck community. All that you have to do: create a blog and post a blog entry.

Breaking News: Ebola epidemic

The Ebola epidemic and its potential spread risks are on everyone’s lips. The news channels are pouring over with current information and reports on modes on transmission, protection measures, methods of isolation and figures on infections.
Fears of a pandemic is omnipresent.

Is it all pure alarmism or are these legitimate fears?

You have probably more or less intensively already been occupied by the Ebola epidemic, or have been confronted with it during your work. In that case:let your spirit take you even further. Do you have exciting stories to tell from your everyday work about the Ebola epidemic?
Or do you want to illustrate your point of view on events in Africa and the world to our readers? Then show spirit and venture on into new regions of the blogosphere !

Ebola: Please, no more!

Or you want to not hear anything more about Ebola and would rather talk about other topics? Then surprise us with blog articles on other issues important to you.
You can be informative in your blog, creative, funny, serious or playful and take a clear standpoint. Write about what you yourself would like to read and generate your own personal news world. Keep the DocCheck community informed on what’s happening in the world outside.

Rewards for efforts

Particularly capable bloggers receive a reward: publication in DocCheck News,

The Fast Track to Success

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Now become a mouthpiece!

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Professor Noel Campbell
Professor Noel Campbell

Ebola can probably be controlled by administering medical ozone as an insufflation into rectum. This is a low cost treatment that can be administered by persons who have had 30 minutes training.

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