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20. June 2014

Some of the DocCheck Services are now well known to everyone. But do you really know all of them? Or did you even know, that you can help shape the content actively? It’s quite simple – let’s try it out!

No matter what content you would like to share with your colleagues, on DocCheck there’s the right place for everthing. You can upload pictures & videos, share documents, for example case studies or even write your own blog. So many possibilities – all in one international community. Now it’s your turn: Share your expertise and help to increase the medical know-how.

IconR64_Pictures Exciting shots at DocCheck Pictures to be found 

Support students and young colleagues by presenting you medical imagery.


IconR64_Video A professional view over the shoulder at DocCheck TV

Educate and share experience by uploading medical videos for example from a surgery.


IconR64_Ask Ask or give a second opinion on DocCheck Ask

Present you cases to other physicians and discuss possible treatments and therapy.


IconR64_OrdnerOffen Present your medical publications on DocCheck Publish

Presentations or medical papers – help to build up the medical online library.


IconR64_Blog Be an author and write your own stories on DocCheck Blogs

Write about your everyday professional life or take a peek at your colleagues’s blogs.


IconR64_InSite After all you can even create your own DocCheck InSite – and gain followers

Spread your content via all the different DocCheck services and increase your visibility!


Just have a look at what your colleagues are doing on DocCheck Pictures:

Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions? We are here to serve you. Simply write us an email.

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