Storybook victory using effective hits

18. October 2013

The second round of the DocCheck Pictures Medical Image Contest is over and the next has already begun. Again, it was made of exciting scenes, exciting encounters and in the end only one winner. Take up the challenge and toss your medical images into the ring!

Over the last week, the audience was once again offered exciting scenes: from fractures, loss of teeth to complete series of pictures – the participants so far have such powerful arguments at hand. At the end of each round though, there can only be one winner.

Winner of the week

Dr. Nguyen might beat his way through until the final bell. With his picture series he managed to stay on his feet on the DocCheck Pictures Medical Image Contest canvas. He took away the weekly prize in the form of a € 50 Amazon purchase voucher. With his radiological images he was able to convince the DocCheck jury. We congratulate Dr. Nguyen very much on this week’s win!

Not all is lost

It’s of course still worth climbing into the ring: in round 3 (until 27 october), we continue the fight for a € 50 Amazon voucher. At the end of the competition, you can go on with your previously unused images for a place in the top 5, which are still to be rewarded with € 100 cash and other prizes. So take your chance now and enter the slugfest with your medical images.


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