The perfect mix for a healthy living

4. March 2011

Juice PLUS+ Science combines the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables in order to provide the perfect dietary supplement for a healthy living. Join our group in the DocCheck Community and discuss with other healthcare professionals.

About the group “Juice PLUS+ Science”

Countless epidemiology studies show that fruits and vegetables are essential for the maintenance of good health. However, when clinical research has been carried out into the effects of some of the isolated components found in fruits and vegetables, like vitamins and antioxidants, the results have been far more variable. No scientific consensus has been reached on the role of individual phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables, on health maintenance. The general agreement is that the numerous health benefits of fruits and vegetables have to be ascribed to an extensive “orchestra” of micronutrients, such as thousands of phytonutrients playing together in still incompletely unraveled synergy.

Join the group “Juice PLUS+ Science” for further information and discuss the product with other international healthcare professionals.

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