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20. April 2011

Do you need a second opinion on a disease pattern? You can now ask other physicians for help in the DocCheck community. With "Ask a colleague" you can reach international experts of all disciplines.

The new tool is available now in the DocCheck community. Simply go to faces.doccheck.com and click on “Ask a colleague” in the menu “Network”. Here you can ask and answer questions regarding diagnosis, therapy or any other medical topic.

Current questions:

Dr. William Jones: Clarification of symptoms
Patient, 44 years old, shows the following symptoms: severe redness and sweating from the upper part of the body to the head. Blood pressure and pulse rise at the slightest physical strain (e.g. when climbing stairs). Frequent nausea but no vomitus, flatus, exhaustion. Does anyone have an idea for further clarification?
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Wendy Smith: Blood in stool
Hello, I treat a 60-year old patient who suffers from often bloody stool. Cortison and Claversal etc have brought no improvement. She doesn’t suffer from any concomitant diseases or allergies. Can anyone help me?
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Samantha Henley: Chronic bronchitis
Patient, 69 years old, non-smoker, protracted bronchitis has turned into a chronic bronchitis about 4 years ago. Inhalation with salted water already helps to soothe the tussive irritation but the patient is extremely prone to infections. How can we prevent these?
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