DocCheck Pictures: Lasting impressions

5. August 2013

Whether individual case studies or whole series of findings – DocCheck Pictures offers impressive imagery from the hospital and the clinic. And it comes first-hand, that is to say your hand. We say thank you for the more than 150 images recorded!

The last few weeks on DocCheck Pictures have once again been anything other than monotonous: with over 150 recorded images arriving from all disciplines and perspectives in medicine, DocCheck Pictures has grown even more. And we especially owe it to our hardworking medical shot-snappers. With your exciting contributions and interesting case examples, you have kept on enriching the medical imaging community, informing colleagues and students, and initiating discussions.

Here you will find a selection of images that have won in the DocCheck Pictures Summer Contest:

You should definitely get to know some features that simplify things for you to upload images:

  • You can upload entire image series directly with one click.
  • Within a personal stats page you get an overview of your image views and statistics.
  • From now on you can also use the comment function below the images in order to have discussions  with your colleagues.

Try it out directly or become a medical image author yourself and present your exciting findings to students and colleagues and show patients the services you offer!

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, we look forward to your email!

We look forward to other impressive snapshots!


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