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5. July 2013

For DocCheck Pictures it all began in 2008 with the upload of the first medical images of diagnostic findings. Meanwhile the medical imaging community has come to include 12,000 recorded medical findings arriving from all medical disciplines.

To begin with the aim was to decorate DocCheck News with appropriate imaging items thereby making it more attractive. Over time, continuously adding new functions, many more benefits and opportunities opened up for physicians using DocCheck Pictures:

  • Searching and sharing medical images, case studies, and before-and-after pictures
  • Discovering exceptional cases and discussing them with colleagues
  • Supporting students and young colleagues with descriptive image resources
  • Presenting range of services and experience to patients

The Showpiece Doctor –  was suddenly before us

From general practice to veterinary to dentistry – the available imagery now covers almost all areas of the medical disciplines.

We owe this of course in particular to our dedicated users. And now it’s your turn: You too can bring your expertise to the table and promote the exchange of knowledge among physicians!

DocCheck Pictures is seeking recordings of medical findings from all medical disciplines until 18th July. The 10 participants who upload the most pictures will have the opportunity to win one of three Amazon vouchers worth EUR 50.00. Take advantage of the last days of the current competition and set your medical evidence against that of your colleagues and get your reward.

So click onto it:


  • Upload images in DocCheck Pictures
  • Enter the title, description text and tags
  • Set visibility for your content settings individually (for public viewing or for healthcare professionals only)

Should questions, requests and suggestions arise, we are always here for you! Simply send us an email!

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Drs tew Toon Poppe
Drs tew Toon Poppe

good idea and initiative
to be launched in a well organized and disciplinary way

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