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Chronic cough: XY symptoms … unsolved

In five to ten percent of patients who suffer from a chronic cough, no organic cause can be found. New guidelines for American pulmonologists now provide evidence-based recommendations for treatment. more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

Running two ORs: Is it always wrong?

A surgeon can't be in two places at once. Yet surgeons often schedule two cases in separate ORs in the same timeframe. Is this a bad idea? Is it ever justified? There are arguments on both sides. In my experience, it can work surprisingly well! more...

Blog entry by Karen Sibert

A groundbreaking discovery in stem cell research

The field of embryonic stem cell research remains synonymous with both controversy and great promise. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) have recently made a groundbreaking contribution to the field by harnessing the power of light to more...

Blog entry by Kumba Sennaar

EDCs: The Hormone’s Disturber

Experts from the Endocrine Society warn about health problems due to chemicals that have effects on the endocrine system. These are said to be guilty of causing not only many common medical conditions. Exposure during prenatal and early postnatal development is also more...

Open Access: The PayWall Must Go

Hardly any research project would be feasible without public funds. It's publishers however who make a fortune with the results, meanwhile researchers and doctors without connection to academia lose access to recent works. Resistance is now building. more...

Emerging Trends in Healthcare

From science fiction to healthcare reality, future trends in healthcare are upon us – from big data to precision medicine and telehealth. Our panel and the audience explored how convergence is central to the future of medical technology innovation. more...

Blog entry by Mario Nacinovich

Molecules who seem to have lost their way

Lysergic acid diethylamide, psilocybin, and ketamine – if that only conjures up thoughts of illicit substances, you’re overlooking a crucial aspect: years of prohibition against their use that have done seriously harm to research. Many molecules show desirable more...

The Wisdom of Nursing

When I was in nursing school there was always a lot of eye-rolling when it came time to discuss “Nursing Diagnosis”. This was mostly because nursing diagnoses were followed by book-length “Nursing Care Plans” which we had to produce for various imaginary more...

Blog entry by Shirie Leng

Medical knowledge: both a blessing and a curse

From the beginning of medical school almost 10 years ago, each day was full of lectures that we had to follow up with hours of reading. At times, it was grueling, but it was a necessary exercise to go through in order to develop as a future doctor. more...

Blog entry by Chiduzie Madubata

New Clotting Gel: Turbid Algae Pond

Vetigel®, a new product, is said to stop bleeding in minutes. Search by doctors for clinical data however come to no avail. It remains at present only available for veterinary applications. Army laboratories are pursuing their own parallel ideas – and have already more...

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