Depression: The Pleasure Pacemaker

For patients with severe treatment-resistant depression, there may soon be a new treatment option. In one four-year study, seven out of eight patients benefited from deep brain stimulation. Four of the patients were cured. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Temple Viper Knocks Out Aspirin

A substance derived from the poison of the temple viper could be employed against circulatory disorders, heart attacks and strokes instead of using antiplatelets. Its special feature: it works, without leading to increased bleeding tendency. more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

Doctors Are In The Way Of Progress. And Thank God They Are.

Doctors are in the way. They are muddying the new world order. I stand ready as a proponent of careful, compassionate care in the middle of a noisy street. I feel tired each day to execute the needed measures and still deliver the thoughtful, heartfelt elements. more...

Blog entry by Jean Robey, M.D.

Pregnancy: Better Never Than Late?

More and more frequently women aged 35 plus are getting pregnant. Experiencing baby bliss in later life is nonetheless a risk factor. Nothing much is altered here by molecular biology, nor by recommendations based on cohort studies. more...

Replacing Doctors With Advanced Nurses…How Far Will It Go?

Primary Care Physicians in America are fast being replaced by nurses with advanced training. This article raises the questions of how far the trend will go...and how this will influence the future of physicians in primary practice. more...

Blog entry by Michael Breen

The Unexpected Impact This Patient Had On His Pediatrician

As a pediatrician, I work to keep children healthy so they can grow up and achieve their dreams. I especially have a soft spot for angry, defiant children. These children are given my undivided attention and respect, and I expect the same in return. more...

Blog entry by Niran Al-Agba

Hasta La Vista, LDL

A single injection of a short ribonucleic acid removes LDL cholesterol from the blood, according to a study. What is remarkable moreover is that all patients with elevated LDL cholesterol levels responded to the treatment. The success rate was higher than with more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Diabetics In The Sleeper Position

Diabetics often have to fight not only with their blood sugar levels, but with problems in the bedroom as well. Sexual disorders are the most concomitant phenomenon which males and females with diabetes mellitus endure. And the group of sufferers is growing. more...

Article by Nicole Simon

Overdiagnosing Trump

There's something delightfully empowering, and annoyingly juvenile, about diagnosing the famous with medical conditions. It is also strangely pedagogic. more...

Blog entry by Saurabh Jha

Diet Vows Or Diet Crimes?

Sweetener instead of sugar: those struggling with being overweight happily try to switchover to sugar-free products. Yet the body of data on aspartame is contradictory. Should one support patients in their attempts, or slow them down? more...

Article by Aline Kostka
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