Life Expectancy: All You Can Age

Is there an upper limit to longevity? Researchers claim as much in a recent study. Colleagues do not skimp in their criticism. Only 100 years ago, sceptics believed that life expectancy would never exceed 65 years. more...

How This Physician Grieves

85 children from 33 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have died due to influenza during the 2015-2016 season. Piper Lowery, who was a healthy 12 year old girl died from H1N1 influenza almost one year ago. Her mother, Pegy, has gone public with her story, more...

Blog entry by Niran Al-Agba

Is Anesthesiology A Specialist Silo?

“I’m your friend,” Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, MBA, PhD, told a sometimes skeptical audience during his keynote address at the ASA’s annual meeting, ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016. “I’m trying to help you see a better way forward, and avoid the more...

Blog entry by Karen Sibert

Otitis Media: The Options Are Gelling

Otitis media is frequently treated in infants and young children by using antibiotics. However, the side effects and the long duration of treatment lessen compliance. A hydrogel which is applied just once to the eardrum in a case of illness is about to change that. more...

Schizophrenia: Brotherly Divided

Genetic factors play an important role in mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. A major study has now investigated the risk of disease for siblings of those affected. Conclusion: physicians should be more aware of the increased risk. more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

This Story Shows The Humanity Of Medicine

“Hello? Hello, Mr. Bertsie. It’s Dr. Robey. I wanted to call you and check on you,” I said into the phone stopping my constant wrestling with papers and resting what was in my hands on my lap. Mr. Bertsie and I were meeting in the equinox. more...

Blog entry by Jean Robey, M.D.

Liquid Biopsy: Pathologists Dripping Blood

Working with tumour DNA from blood samples, doctors are succeeding in prying out the molecular characteristics of cancer without creating risks. The liquid biopsy might eventually even replace classic screenings, researchers hope. more...

Good News, Bad News

I would never make it as a professional poker player because I can’t bluff when I’m holding a bad hand or keep from grinning when I have a good one. My patients can tell from my face when I walk into the clinic room what the news is going to be. more...

Blog entry by Steven Curley

The Importance Of An Adequate Workup For Patients With Muscle Weakness

Some physicians appear to be relying on computers and labs to make a diagnosis, rather than using their brains or commonsense. They order a series of lab tests without doing an adequate history or physical examination. A patient or parent might ask why is this a more...

Induced Stem Cells: Between Hope And Hype

Its inventor was awarded the Nobel Prize. Entire clinics wish by using this technology to rejuvenate humans and make a lot of money. Nevertheless the cultivation of any body tissue from standard natural tissue stem cells does not always seem to function as it should. more...

Article by Erich Lederer
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