Autoimmune Diseases: Women’s Business

The immune systems of women and men are very different. Women have a better chance of surviving severe infections. With regard to autoimmune diseases, however, women are rather more often affected: around 80 percent of such patients are female. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

My Relationships With Patients Last Generations

At 6 a.m. one morning, I was playing tennis at our local athletic club. Sam, working at the front desk came running down onto the courts. "There is an emergency and a woman on the phone says she needs your help." more...

Blog entry by Niran Al-Agba

An Elevated CPK (CK) May Not Indicate A Medical Problem

An elevated CPK lab test may occur in active children, joggers, and other conditions. No diagnosis of muscular dystrophy should ever be made because of a single increased CPK. A complete work-up should be done if there is a question of muscle weakness. more...

Alopecia: Small And Bald

Small men carry an increased risk of going bald early. This is shown by a study in which human geneticists studied the genomes of 20,000 men. Their data also shows that premature hair loss is associated with various diseases. more...

Article by Nicole Simon

My Leg Does Not Belong To Me

There are people who feel a strong need to be disabled: they want to live without a leg, paralysed, to be blind or deaf. Studies suggest that changes in the brain play a role. How can doctors deal with those affected? more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

You’ve Heard Of Brexit? Here’s What They Call Doctors Who Are Leaving.

Sean MacStiofain said, "most revolutions are caused … by the stupidity and brutality of governments." Regulation without legitimacy, predictability, and fairness always leads to backlash instead of compliance. more...

Blog entry by Niran Al-Agba

The Long Walk After Treating A Klatskin Tumor

I took the long walk today. The long walk from the operating room to the frozen section pathology suite to a consultation room in the surgical waiting area. The family of the patient whose operation I had just completed was waiting expectantly and fearfully in the room. more...

Blog entry by Steven Curley

Breast Cancer: Trend Towards Double-Mastectomy

Increasingly often, doctors receive requests for prophylactic mastectomies from patients with breast carcinoma. From a scientific perspective, the affected individuals rarely benefit from the procedure. What role do role models in the media play? more...

We Must Break The Circle Of Sexism

We were a team of women. A strong, intelligent female attending, a fellow, me as the resident, and the eager intern. Gunners in the ICU. Throwing in lines and throwing out numbers and grilling newly published papers for truth. more...

Blog entry by Jean Robey, M.D.

Gout Patients: Dinner Cancelled

Plenty of fat and little carbohydrate – a ketogenic diet was able to alleviate the symptoms of gout in rats. In one Yale University study the NLRP3 inflammasome was also identified as a potential target in gout therapy. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer
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