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Immunisation Doubters: I don’t believe what I C

The medical journal "Vaccine" devoted itself recently to the topic of immunisation scepticism in a special edition on the theme. The WHO experts call for immunisation programs to systematically deal with voices critical of immunisation – and right from the start. more...

Chronobiology: Clockwork Organs

Chronoprevention and chronotherapy are old topics, ones to which modern medicine is currently returning with a fresh mindset. One research team has now systematically listed previous findings on circadian rhythms of organs and diseases. more...

Article by Dunja Voos

Treating T1D with Transplantation + Immunomodulation

Diabetes mellitus type 1 (T1D) remains an incredibly complex and dynamic interchange of environmental, epigenetic, and genetic causes. Jordanian researchers are developing a novel treatment using autologous stem cell transplantation combined with immunomodulation to more...

Blog entry by Mario Nacinovich

Dialysis therapy: Kidney to go?

Researchers are working on developing a portable artificial kidney and the first clinical trials with prototypes have delivered very promising results. There are still technical hurdles that need to be overcome before this device for safe dialysis can go into mass more...

Osteoporosis: Silent villain causes major pain

Osteoporosis can sneak up on you. One morning at the gym, it did just that--leading to a sudden spine fracture in my mid-back. Here's the story of what happened to me, with a discussion of options for treatment and pain management. Osteoporosis can be a major cause of more...

Blog entry by Karen Sibert

I started singing in the procedure room. And it reshaped my view of professionalism.

In medical training, one of the main things that is emphasized is the importance of acting professionally. We encounter patients who have a particular idea of how doctors are supposed to act during the patient-physician encounter, and for the most part, I expected that more...

Blog entry by Chiduzie Madubata

Medical Technology: Printed And Sewn

More cost effective, faster to fit and more precisely fitting: more and more often doctors are implanting body parts produced by 3D printer in patients' bodies. The combination of living cells and biocompatible scaffolds should not only revolutionise regenerative more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Palliative Chemotherapy: Agony Rather Than Quality

Even in the final stage of cancer, patients often receive palliative chemotherapy. They benefit neither from more lifetime nor from better quality of life. Scientists therefore demand that treatment decisions be managed with a sense of proportion – and in particular more...

No Wonder.

Attention graduates! If you’re looking for a career with a ton of job prospects, look no further than an International Classification of Diseases Coder. This fun and fulfilling career will take you into new worlds of diagnosis, laterality, specificity, and more...

Blog entry by Shirie Leng

Paracetamol: an oldie repurposed

In recent years, there have been a lot of warnings against the use of paracetamol: the painkiller can cause all sorts of diseases. Recent studies no longer suggest using this old favourite for joint and back pain and instead have set their eye on new applications. more...

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