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Psychedelics: LSD In The Therapy-Trip

More and more studies show that there is no link between the consumption of psychedelic drugs such as LSD and the incidence of mental illness. On the contrary – these substances could even be used as a therapeutic intervention. more...

The Hospital: Big Bed Is Watching You

In the hospital, life-threatening incidents can play themselves out beyond the walls of the ICU as well if a patient's condition deteriorates unexpectedly. New technology promises to create a bridge between and provide safeguards during the time between nurses' checks. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

A powerful reminder of medicine’s humbling nature

The coronary care unit (CCU) rotation is a unique place. Postoperative cardiothoracic surgery patients among many other pathologies from heart failure to heart transplant fill the unit, and it is the job of the cardiology fellow to directly participate in the more...

Blog entry by Chiduzie Madubata

Fertility protection: Good Cryo-Upbringing

In recent times efforts to achieve the first live birth following re-transplantation of cryopreserved, prepubertal ovarian tissue met with success. This is good news for women who have been left infertile as a result of cancer treatment. Nevertheless the fulfilment of more...

Rheumatism: An Antibody Taken To The Grave Too Early?

About ten years ago the drug TGN1412 almost killed six people during its first clinical test. Now it's celebrating a successful resurgence under a different name. A story about the analysis of a disaster and its consequences. more...

Article by Erich Lederer

It’s Personal.

Personalized Medicine is all the rage right now. The government is throwing money at it, to the tune of $215 million dollars. This is about the path taken by a cancer patient through the new world of Personalized Medicine. more...

Blog entry by Shirie Leng

Rabies: The Devil Takes The Hindmost

In many regions of Africa and India quadrupeds are vectors of the rabies virus. Knowing this it would then not be hard to eradicate rabies in these areas – and without high costs. Western countries should not stand aloof on the matter. One sticking point: more...

On becoming a Cardiologist

As a fellow in cardiology, you sign up to be part of a specialty that can involve emergencies. As a first year fellow, usually you are running things by other senior fellows and attendings, and typically you are not the first person to make a decision on a plan. At more...

Blog entry by Chiduzie Madubata

Fibromyalgia: How? Why? For what reason?

It may be so that doctors still held fibromyalgia in the 1990s to largely be due to psychological factors; today more and more studies have noted physical correlates. What causes the controversial illness still remains unclear though. more...

Article by Dunja Voos

Pink Viagra: The Big Frigidity Tester

By some it's eagerly desired so as to save their marriages, by others it's demonised as an ineffective remedy for a non-existent problem: the lust pill for women is about to be approved in the US. Is it high time? Or is an unsafe brew being pushed through? more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer
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