Breast Cancer: Worth its Price at DNAldi

An American provider is shaking up the market with its genetic tests. For the unbeatable price of 249 US dollars it is able to offer its patients a search for 19 recognised cancer mutations, advice inclusive. A critical look behind the scenes. more...

A musician’s guide to medical training

Recently, I have been reflecting more about my musical journey as an organist over the past 15 years. It has been great to learn how to continue my medical training to the best of my ability while still trying to keep my musical interests alive. Despite the busyness of more...

Blog entry by Chiduzie Madubata

Solving the Mystery of Mutations

A New Model for Cancer Development: The mystery behind why certain cells possess cancer-related mutations that don’t fully develop into cancerous cells has long evaded cancer researchers. However, researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital recently made a more...

Blog entry by Kumba Sennaar

Flexikon Write Club

The Flexikon is all about medical knowledge. Get ready for the battle: We show you all the important tips and tricks to win the fight against ignorance! The principle of the Flexikon Write Club is simple: Participate – share your medical knowledge. But there are some more...

Article by Alexandra Schritz

Paleo Diet: One Portion Raw Dinosaur, Please

The Paleo diet is supposed to mimic the eating habits of Palaeolithic cave dwellers. Cereals and dairy products are taboo. In online forums euphoric reports turn up about "Stone Age disciples". What's the flesh and bones behind the motto "bison instead of bread and more...

Opioids Update: Getting Away From The Too Poppyular Bad Press

Even after years, opioids are still good at providing surprises. Side effects do not play the role which was widely feared. Nevertheless pain patients often end up slipping into long-term therapy. New active agents could solve many such problems. more...


I was talking to a colleague of mine yesterday. (At least I flatter myself that I am a colleague. He has a writing job at a prestigious magazine while I, well, don’t.) We were talking about the doctor-patient relationship, as is our wont, and he said something that more...

Blog entry by Shirie Leng

Cancer: CARs in the Fast Lane

Until recently, cancer therapy using genetically modified T-cells was an obscure treatment option and one which was only known to a few specialists. Now though more and more studies are reporting unusual successes – but also significant side effects. more...

Gambling Man

An interesting paper came out recently in the on-line medical journal Open Heart about one particular area of prevention – heart attack. And researchers asked around 400 people a simple question: “Which would you choose: to take a medication that would guarantee more...

Blog entry by Shirie Leng

Microdosing and Drug Discovery

There is no doubt that human microdosing holds significant promise as an analytical tool. Evidence to date actually suggests that the practice may be a better predictive tool of human pharmacokinetics than alternative methods. By combining physiologically based more...

Blog entry by Kumba Sennaar
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